Weight loss Wednesday: I really want some cheesecake…

This will be a new weekly feature where I talk about my weight loss journey. No worries I won’t be whiney or anything I just like putting out there what I am doing to lose approximately 30lbs. Along with the struggles and plateaus I have. About a month ago I suppose I decided to get serious on my weight loss journey. Let’s just say I make sure I at least walk 3 miles a day every single day no off days.

The biggest thing that has changed my fitness is this little device called a fitbit. Which is basically this little piece of technology that clips onto my shirt or slips into my pocket and tracks my steps for the day. Along with how active I am. It can even track my sleep and how well I sleep.

What the fitbit looks like and some of my steps from yesterday

So I wear my fitbit everyday and track my steps. Obsessively tracking my food in and calories burned for workouts with my Polar FT7 watch as well (which is another amazing fitness gadget).

With the fitbit, Polar FT7 and pilates I’ve managed to lose about 1.5 – 2 lbs a week. I’ve currently lost 6 lbs and am closing in on the 10lb mark which is super exciting. Though I can’t only credit that I mean of course I’m moving around more and the fitbit does encourage movement, but honestly the real kicker for me has been how I’m now doing pilates.

Pilates specifically Blogiliates on youtube have been the best way for me to stay committed. She posts a monthly schedule for what body part to work that day and combining that with an hour on the treadmill has just been melting the pounds off while toning up.  I usually wake up extremely sore the next day and can see how much I’m improving with it as I progress throughout the month.

My biggest challenge is probably resisting the urge to eat sweets all the time. Right now I would kill for some cheesecake, but I refuse to let myself have a piece until I have lost at least 10lbs. I think controlling the craving to eat all the cookies or sweets will always be my challenge in this journey. Along with not letting my sleepy self get in the way of hitting the gym.

So I want to know the following:

What keeps you motivated to workout? What is the one item you crave when you are trying to lose weight?



2 thoughts on “Weight loss Wednesday: I really want some cheesecake…

  1. This is great Izzy, keep going! I\’m making a bunch of mini cheesecakes once I\’m back in NYC if you want to come up. After you\’ve lost those 10lbs… 😛

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