Trashy Tuesday: My Favorite Romance Book Series

I’m a HUGE reader. I mean I usually finish a book every 2-3 days. If I’m not busy doing other stuff I am reading. Literally I go EVERYWHERE with my kindle it is not an uncommon site to see me standing in line reading, doing laundry while reading, or even brushing my teeth.

So we can pretty much say yes I read a ton of books. I particularly love romance novels, paranormal mystery stuff, scifi/fantasy, and of course YA books.

Today I will introduce you to some of my favorites. Sadly a lot are series, but these books are not trash. I plan to review a book on Thursday called Red by Kate Kinsley and tell you if I think the book is worth the cash or total trash.

But for now *drumroll* some of my favorite books

  • Anita Blake Series by Laurel K. Hamilton – Forewarning this series is MASSIVE one. I’m only on book 6 because I’m attempting to savor the amazingness of this series. First of all Anita is a total bad ass woman which I love in a book. I mean who wants an annoying girl who just whines and complains? I sure as hell don’t so I love how kickass Anita is. Second the men in this series are drool worthy Jeane Claude is amazing and so is Richard. Also a warning the series tends to be very gory and intense with the crimes and mysteries being solved.

  • Kate Daniels by Ilona Andrews – Another kickass female with a badass alpha male. Basically Kate is constantly getting into trouble and ends up befriending the local packmaster Curran who is a lion a very sexy lion as well. The series consists of her adventures in chaos pretty much and helping people. She’s a genuinely good and relatable character.

  • H.P. Mallory series Jolie Wilkins and Dulcie O’Neil – Two of my all time favorite series. No seriously these books got me into indie authors and hardcore into paranormal romance. I mean WOW! The books just kick butt. I am always anticipating the next release in here series. The Jolie series is more of a paranormal romance adventure, but Dulcie is a mystery butt kicking cop basically book with romance. Both series offer the best of both worlds to me.

  • Karen Marie Moning was my first introduction into fairy based novels. I think I read the first 4 books in record time and was anxiously awaiting the 5th and final book. This series truly shows how much events can change a character. MacKayla (Mac) who goes from weak girly girl who can’t handle her shit to a total badass with a hottie boyfriend Baron. I’m super excited that the world will be expanded this october to feature another character’s future.

So if you are looking for a series be sure to check out one of these because they aren’t trashy but well worth the cash to read. Look forward to more book reviews from all kinds of genres as well! Every week will not be a romance novel so take note males!


P.S. If you want to see what I’m reading feel free to follow my reviews on goodreads or friend me on there!


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