Weight loss Wednesday: A Few Tricks I’ve Learned

It seems like everybody is always going onto some crash diet or crazy new thing to help them lose weight for some event or even get rid of bloating.

Well through my journey these past two months I’ve figured out a few things that REALLY help me keep those sorts of things on the low end of the worry and off the scale.

The biggest thing is water! You are probably not drinking enough and should drink about half your weight in water a day! This keeps down bloating a lot! I drink approximately 2,00 ml of water a day and yes I am peeing constantly, but hey if that’s the side effect of having no bloat I’ll take it. Also realize that often times when you think you are hungry you are quite possibly thirsty so have a drink of water first before diving into that snack!

The second thing I try to do every single day is take Metamucil (one serving) about 15-20 minutes before I eat dinner. This keeps your fiber up which in turn means losing weight because guess what keeps you going? Fiber! So yes I’m telling you drinking half your weight in water and Metamucil at least once a day is guaranteed to help you drop a few pounds and poo more often. Oh an added bonus of the Metamucil before you eat thing is you will be fuller throughout the day from it.

Sorry for the quick blog today but I’m crazy sore and exhausted.

Let me know your favorite workout tip!



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