Canning Recipes: Basic Tomato Sauce

I have very fond childhood memories of helping my mom can tomatoes. Usually me sitting there in awe as I watch the vegetable strainer crush and separate the good stuff from fresh tomatoes and the pulp.

Now we usually make a pretty simple tomato sauce so you can easily spice it up after opening the can and using in something like spaghetti. The less spice also means you can add it to something like chili as well. It a very versatile sauce and a ton of fun to make.

This recipe also scales really well. So if you are wanting to make a ton of jars of tomato sauce go for it or you can can enough to make 4 jars!

You need to prep the jars by washing them in the dishwasher in the sanitary rinse or hot water.

I also put my lids and rings into a pot and have that prepped to boil to sanitize the lids before I start. Along with starting the burner that the canner will be on to get that boiling. Remember the canner is pretty big so to reach a boil it tends to take a while.

Next you are going to wash, core and quarter the tomatoes


Slowly start adding them into the hopper and turning the crank. You will have something like this

Once you have a bowl full of the good sauce heat a pan up and then caramelize onions and garlic

Put the squeezed part of the tomato juice into the pan and heat it up.

You will want to let the juice simmer for about an hour and season with salt, pepper to taste

Then fill the jars with the cooked down sauce.

Process the jars in the canner for 20 minutes if using quart jars, but refer to ball cook book for other times for jar sizes

Some of our final product in the smaller jars.

If you have any questions please contact me or leave a comment! It’s really fun to can and I recommend everyone try it at some point! This recipe is what my mom uses and the same one I grew up making.



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