Weight Loss Wednesday: That Evil Plateau

I swear that plateaus when you are trying to get fit and lose weight are the worst thing in the world. I always hit mine when I’m almost done shedding the first 10 lbs.

So because of my evil plateau I’ve been re-evaluating the things I’m doing and what may be causing it. I think I start to get into this weird rhythm and think that oh I’m doing so much I’ll be fine if I have this thing here or there. Well those things really add up. Even when I’m working out as hard as I do and even with my plenty of water intake.

I know right now for me it’s been tough too just because I’m home and it seems as though my schedule ends up a total mess when visiting. Not anyone’s fault but mine but still.

My hope is to get back on track next week and really hit it hard. I’m going to start walking or jogging at least 3 miles a day my hour of blogilates along with tracking every single morsel that goes into my mouth. Perhaps even adding an evening walk to my routine since it seems to be finally cooling off in Louisiana.

If you’ve struggled with weight loss plateaus what have you done to get past them? I’m desperate for tips on this problem because it really does make me super unmotivated to keep up my routine.



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