Trashy Thursday: Comics!

I may read a lot of romance, sci-fi and fantasy books, but there is one other type of book I’m crazy about! Comics!
I love comics. It’s kind of ridiculous I have a huge backlog on my phone to read while I’m out and about. I mean I want an ipad predominately to read comics on. Kinda insane I know, but it’s perfect for it.

I want to share some of my current favorite comic series that I’m reading and find to be well worth the cash.

Detective Comics reboot for the New 52 is a perfect pick up point in the classic batman comic. Seriously I read the first issue and had my jaw hanging open. It’s been setting a great pace since then to me. I highly recommend this series if you are interested in reading batman. Honestly it’s one of my top picks for comics. The first story arc in the series is incredible.

Now many of you know I have a love for Harley Quinn so Suicide Squad is an easy pick for me. But in the end it’s a fun story and I love that Belle Reeve prison is located in Louisiana. It seems like such an obvious choice with the plot being based around these villains accomplishing tasks for the government before the bombs in their necks go off. Fast paced is pretty much guaranteed with those requirements.

I have the trade of this series and holy crap! So you like Dr Doom already? Well be prepared to love him because of how awesome the end of this book is! I forced Dave to read it and he even liked it. He’s no where near as big a Doom fan as me. A MUST READ!!

Now if you are anywhere on the internet that nerds tend to lurk you’ve heard about Fables I’m sure. It’s an incredible series I actually am still working my way through them. I love the remix on the classic fairy tale when it’s done well and this is incredibly well done! If you like fairy tale stories then this is a must read.

Please share with me your comic recommendations as I am always looking for something new to read!



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