Making Stuff Monday: Recipe Book

I’m sure I can’t be the only one with piles of recipes that are a mess sitting around my kitchen and desk. I saw this great idea on Prudent baby through Pinterest and decided to give it a go.  Plus I was really tired of ruining recipes constantly while cooking.

I picked up a 2 inch binder and two packs of 50 sheet protectors. After much struggle I managed to find some cute scrap book paper.

I began the process by figuring out what I wanted my separate tabs to be and then filling them with recipes. I also use the front of the binder as my limbo where I have recipes I want to test out stuck.

I ended up doing Apps/Sides/Salads, Entrees and Desserts for now. I plan to expand into different types of meat as I get more recipes.\

The 2 inch binder I think makes for a super convenient to read a recipe while cooking.  This shows my limbo section of the notebook.

Now for some more photos of my binder and how I designed it.

I made my binder pretty girly and to match my kitchen which is full of vibrant colors. If planning to make your own you can obviously pick papers accordingly to match your kitchen theme or maybe something you really like. Overall I knew I wanted to make it fun so I would keep using it.

I also picked up a spare binder and am using that to store cross stitch and quilt patterns. This whole idea is pretty versatile for storing just about any paper products I think.



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