Weight Loss Wednesday: Couch to 5k and my Polar FT7

So I got that Couch to 5k app everybody has been talking about. I’m very afraid.

Have you done this before? I’ve done the nike walk to run program before and enjoyed it. I’m hoping to kick it off next monday by adding it to my normal 3 mile/hour walk.

For those of you who run or jog on a regular basis what are your tips? I’m hoping to avoid shin splints and stuff like that.

Now I’m excited to be home and start back into tracking everything heavily along with using my Polar FT7 watch more regularly. I slacked off on that a lot during my pilates sessions while home. I swear I do a million times better when I actually track everything like a crazy person. Then again if you don’t track I think you don’t really get results because you end up shoveling food into your face.

Anyways I have a car to unpack and stuff to put away. I hope my fitness goals become more feasible in the next few months. End goal is now to run a Disney 5k after I finish the couch to 5k training.



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