Canning: Strawberry Jam

Home made Strawberry Jam is an incredible treat. It honestly tastes so amazing you will never want to eat store bought strawberries.

Here is what you are going to need to make this

4 lbs of strawberries whole
6 cups white sugar
half lemon
2 teaspoons butter at end

Jars in your choice of size; I prefer pints

Now to begin clean the jars and sanitize them while you start the canning pot so it’s ready to go once you start canning the jam.

Clean the strawberries

cut strawberries up into smaller chunks; size depends on what you prefer personally I like them to be quartered

Mash strawberries lightly with potato masher to get juices oozing out of them

Squeeze in half a lemon worth of juice – make sure you don’t get any seeds


Add sugar


Bring to boil – note the foam


Cut in some butter to help with the foam approx. 2 teaspoons. This helps avoid the whole issue of skimming foam

note lack of foam in photo after butter.

Fill jars to just below the lid area and can them according to your canners times for the size of jar you are using.

I will say that we did a batch with pectin to try it out and found that this recipe seemed to taste better. The pectin gives the jam more of a store bought taste than fresh and home made.

Let me know if you make this and what you think of it!



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