Trashy Tuesday: Ever by Jessa Russo

I’ll be the first person to tell you I often pick what books descriptions to read based on a cover. Ever by Jessa Russo has one of the most beautiful covers I’ve seen this year and it is a great book cover to judge because it’s eerily haunting and befitting of the book’s plot. This is one of the times I highly recommend judging a book by it’s cover.

Ever is an amazing book I literally stayed up most of the night reading it. I only stopped because my kindle died.  The biggest downside of an ebook would be that. We start with meeting Ever whose best friend/love of her life Frankie died in her arms nearly 2 years ago. His ghost now occupies her house as a permanent resident and of course Ever has not moved on yet in her life of course from her love for Frankie. Though I don’t think in her shoes I would have an easy time moving on either. I mean really what would you do if your best friend/love of your life died in your arms?

Now the plot obviously doesn’t only revolve around Frankie and Ever, but a new guy named Toby. It ends up becoming something pretty different and unexpected for someone who reads a TON of paranormal books. I honestly have not enjoyed a paranormal young adult this much in a very long time. I was left feeling very emotional during the entire book and cheering on the main character Ever.  Also you find yourself falling in love with Toby and Frankie. Mostly Frankie for me because of his rockabilly style. All in all Ever left me feeling like the next book can’t be released soon enough.

Ever is worth the cash and you should pick it up if you like young adult paranormal mysteries. It is truly a unique and fun book to read.

To buy Ever by Jessa Russo click here.


Note: Review copy for this book was provided by netgalley


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