Weight Loss Wednesday: Ow Ow OWWW

I have new shoes. I wore too thin of socks yesterday for my walk. I managed just over a mile before I was in too much pain from rubbing. Screw you socks! Now my new shoes are amazing though and I love them. Though the difference between the nike free run 1.0s and these 5.0s is immense. They are more padded in the best of ways and the pressure on the top of your foot from the laces is non existant due to the amazingness of asymmetrical laces!

My attempts to start Couch to 5k have not been the best so far. This is due to my sock mistakes both times I’ve tried to start. But today my friends I will conquer the first day of Couch to 5k and with flair in knee high socks that don’t fall down into the shoe like my ankle socks! And those knee highs happen to sport the Tardis so I’m going to be time traveling while running on the treadmill so score one for me.

I hope to finish up the first week of this damned program. I’m starting to fret that I will run out of Top Gear to watch while I run as well. I mean I’m on season 12 already and nearing the end of it. What will I watch while I run next? Gimme suggestions if you have any.



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