Trashy Thursday: A Kiss By Midnight by Eloisa James

It’s that time of year for me where I want to read books based in paranormal and fairy tale themes so I picked this up thinking ‘Oh I love fairy tales and creative adaptations of classics.’ I was right to think this would be a good read considering I’ve only read one other Eloisa James Novel (Desperate Duchesses). I’m not really big on the whole regency thing, but have been trying to give it a shot more and more. I figure there has to be a reason it’s so popular.

A Kiss At Midnight is loosely based in the regency era and takes some freedoms with that era obviously, but it is an interesting adaptation of the story. We start off with Kate whose father has passed away and her step-mother Mariana takes over the estate. Of course she has a stepsister Victoria because what’s a cinderella story without those stepfamily members. We see that Kate has been somewhat neglected when it comes to the whole coming out process and finding a husband. Until she has to go to the castle and pretend to be her sister. This of course results in her meeting the prince and fun ensues.

I have to say I was kind of disappointed that this book lacked the wit that I found was present in Desperate Duchesses and really hoped for in this book. The main character Kate feels at times very just detached. There did come a point near the end though that I really loved the prince’s antics and was quickly won over by his character. Besides Gabriel I found myself not feeling any real attachment to the characters nor connection. Some of that could be attributed to my lack of love for the traditional Cinderella story, but in all honesty this book did take away most of what I dislike about the story and put a great twist on it. My favorite twist that she put on it was how the ‘glass’ slipper was made and instead of glass it was actually taffeta and after being worn once it would look dirty. I felt that was a truly ingenious idea.

Overall I only kind of enjoyed the book and can recommend it to anyone who really loves regency books or Cinderella. I give it 3 out of 5 stars and it’s only worth the cash if you can get it cheap.



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