Birthday Party Prep!

Since I’ve been crazy busy prepping for the mister’s birthday party tomorrow I decided I’d share some of what I’m doing around the house to make it a little more pub like and the set up for the whole shin dig! Recipes to come the next few mondays from this celebration.

The mister requested I make him Butter Beer cupcakes for his birthday so this led me to decide on a ‘Harry Potter Leaky Cauldron’ theme. This of course is having me preparing all kinds of stuff the day before and just getting the house together.

Here’s what I’ve managed to gather up to pub up the house. Still trying to figure out what type of music I want to have playing though that’s been the hardest part for me so far.

The Menu:

  • Coq Au Vin
  •  Sautéed  Asparagus
  • Mashed Red Potatoes
  • Butter Beer
  • Buter Beer Cupcakes

Some photos of the set up!

Table setting with gift bags!

Our little buddy

Darts! And you win a golden snitch for scoring the most points!

The table setting which my 1979 plates go great for a pub look. The cute cup is another take home item.

I feel like the biggest thing I’ve learned from planning this party is that planning ahead is a bonus. Also there is a major lack of Harry Potter party stuff along with things to make your house more like a pub. At least where I live in the boondocks. I’ve done my best though and I think the mister’s birthday bash will go off without a hitch.


Bonus photo: Angus got a booboo today




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