Trashy Thursdays: Grave Memory by Kalayna Price

Grave Memory is a great addition to the Alex Craft series. This book continues the story after a huge revelation about Alex’s background and Falin’s having to leave. This leaves Alex in an odd spot since both the men she is interested in/confused about disappear and are never really around anymore. All of this makes for a slow start to the main part of the story because you are constantly reading about Death and Falin being gone.

As far as the story goes in this it adds some more of the great world building the Alex Craft novels are known for. There is also a new addition of a type of creature with Ghouls. The opening of Tongues Of The Dead definitely added a lot to the plot line. Any fan of Death in this series will have a major payoff from this book, but the end kind of rips the happy place you get to right out of your hands and of course leaves you with a frustrating cliffhanger.

I felt like this book was a good addition to the series, but besides the Death payoff the rest of the book left me wishing the next one was already out. I am soo sick of having to read a book that leaves me hanging and just desperate for the next book! I will keep coming back to series I love without a cliffhanger so close up the story a little more nicely next time please? Overall though I loved this addition, but not as much as the first and second book in this series.

Overall this is a good book, but not great. That cliffhanger really knocked some points off for me personally. I’d give it a 3 out of 5 and say it’s worth the cash if you are already invested in the series. If you were left kind of indifferent with book 2 then I’d say this isn’t a good book for you to pick up.



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