Trashy Thursday: Li’l Gotham #1 – Spend 0.99 you monster!

I wanted to keep with a bit of a Halloween theme today even though it’s November 1 and after seeing the release of the new holiday series Li’l Gotham I knew I had a perfect fit.

Li’l Gotham is the perfect treat for an after halloween candy coma. The art is adorable and fresh. I mean look at that cover! It’s got a little Bane! It’s freaking adorable and I just can’t get over the art. Hence why I will share a couple panels from this comic throughout this review. I feel like the art style really matched the story.

We start by learning that Robin has never celebrated Halloween and didn’t understand why there was all these kids dressed up. And Batman is talking to him about why he hasn’t ever celebrated the holiday along with the fact that the people he sees running around as Gotham villains aren’t really villains. Most of the story revolves around this whole aspect of it. We do end up seeing our favorite Gotham villains themselves out to a dinner as group since Halloween is the one time of year they don’t blend in.

I have to say that this comic is adorable and delighful. You should pick itu p right this minute and not wait. It’s worth the $1! I have to give it a 5/5 and tell you to spend the cash yet again because I’m not kidding I was just grinning the entire time I read it.

Finally I must include in this little shot if you aren’t convinced yet!

Yes that is a kid as a flippin octopus on halloween! If that isn’t amazing then you don’t know anything!



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