Trashy Tuesday: Leviathan Wakes by James S.A. Corey

I’ve been mulling over my opinions on this book for a while now. It’s really hard for me to review it, but in the best of ways. I’m pretty much bursting with things I want to talk about from it. Yet I can’t just go screaming about it since not everyone has read this wonderful book.

Leviathan Wakes centers around two people Holden a goody two shoes and Miller the tough cop who really is the crappy cop. The plot basically revolves around the brewing war between Mars, Earth and the belters. It’s a tense and epic tale.

The story line has some great ups and some terrible lows. It drags in spots I won’t lie about that, but then will turn right around and pick back up. It was a tough to put down book for me. I often found myself staying up way too late reading. It sucks you into this amazing dense complicated world. I was amazed at all the elements included in this book. It was my first ever space opera. Once of the best things I found about James SA Corey’s writing was that he never left me knowing exactly what would happen next and I really adore that in a book.

I honestly have nothing bad to say about this book besides the usual cliffhanger ending for a trilogy. The good news for that though is the newest book Caliban’s War is already available!

If you buy the kindle version though you do get another book packed in with it. I did not realize this and thought when I was nearing the 50% mark that I had A LOT more book left and was confused.

Overall I’d say 5/5 stars for Leviathan Wakes. It’s well worth the cash especially with an extra book in with it. I highly recommend this to anyone already into the space opera genre or a newcomer like myself.



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