Trashy Tuesday: Anything He Wants by Sara Fawkes

I ended up staying up most the night and putting off things to read this book. It was an amazing read. Very fast paced book and engaging read, but I have some minor issues with the book as a whole.

First of all you should know this is a compilation of books 1-5 in the Anything He Wants series, which is a good thing because these books separately are too short. I actually read part 1 before getting this set and was a little agitated by how abruptly it ends. If you are interested in this series be sure to get the compilation.

Next I have to say things do tend to fall into place almost too perfectly for the characters which for me at some times was a bit annoying, but overall I felt like it works because Jeremiah is a billionaire so of course things just fall together for him with those kinds of resources. So I can push it off as this is a fictional world.

The story in this book centers around Lucy and Jeremiah with bits of drama thrown in from his brother Lucas. The dynamics between Lucas and Jeremiah are cause for some pretty intense family drama along with revelations that are quite shocking. The plot of the book for the most part revolves around the sex and those parts are extremely hot and placed in just the right spots to break up plot. The worst part of the story though is how it ends. I wanted to throw my kindle I was so frustrated because I felt like we needed more than the cliffhanger we got at the end. You’ve been warned if you read this book the cliffhanger sucks to a point of massive frustration.

Overall I felt like this book was extremely hot and an addictive read. I have to say the cliffhanger brought it down to 4/5 for me versus being a 5/5. It’s worth the cash to read this fun story.



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