Trashy Thursdays: Never Seduce A Scot By Maya Banks

I’m newish to the whole highland scottish romance novels. This one was a real treat to read though. My first venture into Maya Banks writing was very rewarding and enjoyable.

The narrative centers around Graeme Montgomery and Eveline Armstrong who have been forced into an arranged marriage by the King to end the feuding between their clans. Eveline is believed to be daft though and a simpleton after her accident. Soon the plot unravels though and we learn Eveline is not quite as she appears. This carries us through most of the plot that is incredibly romantic and hits that soft spot.

I enjoyed the overall plot in this book. As previously mentioned it is very romantic and sweet. Banks does a wonderful job of creating the characters in this book as well. I kept wanting to know more about the brothers of Graeme which will be fulfilled once the next book in this series comes out, but until then I have to wait until February.

This book had a lot of fluff. Much of it felt like filler while I was reading, until I looked back on it and realized how much of it was character building. My biggest dislike was it took until almost the end of the book for the major plot point to pick up and was over very quickly. The sex scenes were okay, not my favorite, but well written for the most part.

I would say this book is a mixture of cash and trash. It literally falls right in the middle for me. If you love these sorts of novels then you will enjoy this one. I’m intrigued enough to be interested in reading the next one in the series though. Overall 3 out of 5 stars.



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