Trashy Tuesday: Pleasures of Winter by Evie Hunter

Reading the description of The Pleasures Of Winter one may just assume it’s yet another 50 shades/bared to you bandwagon book, but it is so much more. I honestly found myself enjoying this book way more than the previously mentioned ones. Yes it sticks to our rich playboy with a ‘dark’ side that includes some heavy BDSM.

Now the big part that makes this different is the way this book starts. I literally could not put it down. Abbie is a news journalist and down in Honduras chasing a great story, but has gotten herself into trouble. In order to escape it she ends up taking a less serious story interviewing Hollywood hot shot Jack Winter on his private jet. This should have been an easy way to get back to the states, but the plane ride takes an unfortunate turn. I would say the beginning is a good lead to how intense the rest of the book is. It’s just a non stop and you won’t want to put the book down.

My only ‘issue’ with the book is like everything else right now it’s a trilogy, but I grew to love Jack and Abbie so much that I’m chomping at the bit to read book two. I’m hoping it breaks away from the formula a bit more for these series though. That is my only problem but honestly it’s not a real problem. I fell in love with the main characters too much to not be excited for book two.

I can almost guarantee that you will love this book if you are into the BDSM playboy turning a new page in his life with an amazing female lead. It’s worth the cash even if you devour it in a day. You will probably be waiting on edge for the second book in the series as well after finishing it. 5 out of 5 stars!








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