Trashy Thursdays : If I Were You by Lisa Renee Jones

This book had me intrigued. The blurb is well interesting and so is the cover. It’s a interesting concept and left me wondering what I would do if I found somebody’s journals and it seemed like they just disappeared.

The plot revolves around Sara who has been given a storage unit that is filled with Rebecca’s belongings including journals chronicling her very erotic adventures. Sara ends up almost completely walking the same path as Rebecca. It leaves the reader trying to solve the mystery of who her lover was in constant flux. This for me is great because I’m still figuring out who I think the rich boyfriend was.

The bad for this book is it seems like Rebecca is a forgotten aspect for a good chunk of the book. It was literally like the search for Rebecca died and then suddenly near the end it was back. Another complaint for me is that Sara’s best friend falls off the face of the earth pretty much completely after the first half of the book. It felt weird that this character who was talked about a lot suddenly disappeared but perhaps she reappears in the next book. This book does fall into some of the same tropes we seen in similar titles, but overall it’s not in a bad way.

Now for the good parts! The plot of the book is a roller coaster. It was hard to guess what would happen next in most parts. The book is filled with interesting characters with interesting back stories that leave you wanting to know more. I was left in shock at the ending and then went through stages of denial that it was over. I honestly can not wait until the next book comes out.

Overall i give if i were you 4/5 stars and it is definitely worth the cash.



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