Trashy Tuesday: Pilgrim In The Sky by Natania Barron

Pilgrim Of The Sky is about Maddie an ex-grad student who lost her fiance Alvin. We follow her on an adventure through a couple different worlds and what as she learns what exactly Alvin is and a lot about herself. The plot mostly centers around a steam punk boston  where she meets some very interesting people there. I really don’t want to give away any more of the plot though, but I have to say that Barron does an incredible job at crafting a world while leading you on to figure out what is truly happening. I am throughly impressed by the writing in this book and really enjoyed it.

The things I adored about this book was that Barron managed to hit all my peeves without annoying me. The plot was constantly bouncing around one minute you thought you were about to have the whole plot unravel infront of you and then the character telling Maddie the information would get interrupted. Usually I’d be steaming over that, but instead I kept reading totally engaged and addicted to the story. I really loved Maddie as a character she seemed incredibly real to me. I loved that she loved so many people and accepted  their flaws as well.  Another thing I really loved is the story ended, it didn’t leave me hanging or wanting more. I felt closure and like

The only dislike I had was a couple of the formatting issues but that was mostly due to my review copy.

I really can’t put it more into words how much I liked this book without spoiling the plot or just rambling. Pilgrim Of The Sky is so worth the cash and it’s a 5/5 for me. Go buy this book if you are remotely interested in something different from what is out on the shelves today and what a great adventure.



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