Trashy Tuesday: The Trouble With Fate by Leigh Evans

A book involving a half fae half werewolf girl named Heidi Peacock and a lot of adventure I honestly don’t know if I could ask for more in this debut novel by Leigh Evans.

The plot revolves around Heidi discovering a lot of things about herself and growing as a person. Along with meeting a steamy love interest. Heidi has been living under the radar with her Aunt Lou and a surprising mess brings her out of hiding. Leaving her in some interesting spots and forced to really learn about herself. Throw in the hot love interest to boot.

The book for me had a slower start, but I felt like that was completely compensated for with the ending! Bring me book two! I was ready to jump into it as soon as I finished this one. The slow start would be my only complaint really with the book.

The things I loved was that Evans did an amazing job building an interesting world while moving the plot along. Once I got past the ‘slow’ part I was left completely enamoured with the book and not wanting to put it down. I also fell in love very quickly with the head strong Heidi Peacock who didn’t take anybody’s crap.

Overall I give Evan’s debut novel a 4/5 and say it’s worth the cash! Especially if you are huge fan or urban fantasy. I really am excited for book 2 to come out.



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