Trashy Thursday: The Lost Prince by Julia Kagawa

I don’t usually read the fey based books, but I have to say The Lost Prince took me by surprise and I really enjoyed it. Kagawa definitely knows her fey lore and how to weave a story that takes so many turns that you just sit back and enjoy seeing it all unravel.

The story is about Ethan who has spent his life trying to pretend he can’t see the fey. He’s had to transfer schools countless times because of the fey and been through hell because of them. He’s not going to be able to ignore them anymore though when his friend is kidnapped and he ends up going on a pretty amazing adventure to find his friends and save a lot of fey.

I really didn’t have any issues with this book. A few spots dragged a little bit, but otherwise there wasn’t much wrong.

The things I really enjoyed was watching a world unfold around Ethan and having never read any of Kagawa’s other books I found myself pretty invested. I will be picking up her other Iron Fey series to read. I have to say the major twist for me near the end of the book probably sealed the deal in me really enjoying this read.

Overall The Lost Prince is a really fun read and enjoyable. If you are already a fan of Kagawa’s work it’s a must buy and if you are interested in her books it’s still enjoyable. 4/5 stars and worth the cash.



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