Trashy Tuesday: Stranded by J.C. Valentine – A 99 cent treat!

I’m not big on novella’s but I gave Stranded a try and found myself pretty invested. I read it in an evening (about 3 hours). It’s a fun read to fill an evening with.

We meet Felix who is stranded in a car crash and makes his way towards a beacon of hope at Poppy’s house. When Felix shows up at Poppy’s house well things get steamy and let’s just say it’s good.

There were a few typos in the book, but nothing too major or distracting. My other issue would be the lack of plot, but with it being a novella it’s obviously just going to be lighter on that front.

I still liked a lot about this novella though. I loved how quickly Felix and Poppy grew connected. I also enjoyed the twist at the ending and when I finished it was ready for the next addition to the story.

It’s well worth the cash and picking up especially at 99 cents!



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