Wonderful Wednesday: Graze Box

I recently learned about Graze box and pretty much fell in love with the idea.

It’s five bucks a week, but your first box is free. It includes 4 snacks that are all healthy and full of goodness. You can pick between the nibblebox or the lightbox with snacks all between 50-150 cals. I went with the nibblebox personally and have fallen in love after getting my first box.

My first box contained toffe apple, cheddar gorge, tea with a lemon and poppy slice and pure vitality (dried apricots, pumpkin seeds and inca berries). A link to their pretty pictures from my first box is here.

So far I’m really impressed by the setup for these. They show up in the mail every week with some pretty healthy and delicious snacks. I’ve yet to be disappointed and I just looked at what is on it’s way this week and I’m pretty excited.

If anything I’ve found that Graze has inspired me to snack healthier most of the time instead of munching on junk food.

And if you are interested in signing up for it use my invite code: QWNQ6WZ

Let me know if you plan to try out Graze! So far I’m extremely pleased with what I’ve gotten from them and excited to see what I think of the next few boxes.



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