Trashy Tuesday: City Of Bones by Cassandra Clare

After seeing a lot of movies in the past few weeks I kept seeing the trailer for the movie. Lucky for me I had the book on my kindle already so I decided to finally read it. I pretty much read the book in two days and forced myself to stop reading so I could sleep.

We open meeting Clary and her best bud Simon who are out at a local night club. She sees a boy named Jace with his two friends Alec and Isabelle killing a demon. This leads her into a world of shadowhunters and monsters. The world is not as she thought and this leads into a pretty crazy soap opera style adventure.

The things I liked. This book doesn’t stop moving forward. It’s a constant motion of adventure and insanity. I have to say that the ending threw me for the biggest twist I’ve read in a book in I honestly don’t even know how long. I just sat there shocked when I finished the book. Heck there were a couple of big surprises for me in this book. I’m use to being right on track with where things are headed in most books, but this one threw me for two good twists by the end.

The things I disliked included some of the language. Things like ass hat I feel will date the book. A lot of the language seemed to be for almost way younger than most YA books. I didn’t find Jace swoon worthy. He became a better character once the story progressed.  I just wasn’t invested in him. Really didn’t enjoy being sent to dislike the whole situation with Simon repeatedly either. I often wanted to be like CLARY OPEN YOUR EYES YOU DOPE! I know that isn’t always easy to do with things that are right in front of you.

For me what held this book up was the story moving forward so quickly and the twists at the end. I honestly wouldn’t rate it so highly if it wasn’t for those.  I really am interested in reading book two at some point. I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys paranormal and young adult books 5/5 stars.



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