Wonderful Wednesday: Let’s Talk About Moonrise Kingdom

I happen to be a big fan of Wes Anderson Movies like Life Aquatic. I love the way they look. Life Aquatic is one of my all time favorite movies. It’s wacky and many people seem to get lost in his wackiness and not able to enjoy it all for what it is.

This past weekend I watched Moonrise Kingdom finally and fell in love. Not only is it a dream for anybody who loves things from the 60s but it’s about young love and an adventure of trying to stay together when their families try to tear them apart.

Here are some shots from the movie that I absolutely love.

The world Anderson created in this movie is just amazing. I want to go there. The amount of plaid alone makes me wish it was real. I mean a plaid interoir tent? Where can I buy one?

Alright beyond the amazing shots and beauty of this movie what else makes it great? The children actors Gilman and Hayward are awesome. They aren’t annoying if anything to me their characters were endearing you felt for them. They were both the troubled children and most disliked at school/camp so they ran away together. Did everything they could to stay together.

The other bigger name actors in this movie do incredibly well too. I thought Bruce Willis would be weird to see in this movie, but he actually did wonderfully as the sheriff. Murray is an ever present actor in Anderson’s films so I wasn’t too worried about how he would do.

All I can say is go watch Moonrise Kingdom! It’s sweet and endearing with moments of absolute hilarity as well.



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