Trashy Thursday: Rebecca’s Lost Journals: The Seduction and The Contract by Lisa Renee Jones

This will be a two part review covering both volume one and two of Rebecca’s Lost Journals from the Inside Out Trilogy by Lisa Renee Jones.

I have to say this Lisa Renee Jones is a master of cover art. I don’t know who picks it but my god they all relate perfectly to the books and are beautiful. Totally eye catching and trust me the steamy covers are a payoff to the novella’s contents.

If you’ve read If I Were You then you know that Sara finds Rebecca’s journals and reads them, but the content of said journals isn’t exactly known to the reader until now. As the reader though we are getting to see things that Sarah never read though so it’s like unraveling the mystery in the trilogy slowly. Or for me being offered another bite and left just as lost still! And holy crap was it worth the wait!

The first book we learn more about Rebecca’s life and she meets the mysterious master. I really got why Sara was so addicted to reading the journals.  It also explains to us what exactly made Rebecca’s mystery man is so sexy. Volume 2 ramps it up with a contract for a BDSM relationship and some very steamy scenes involving a place I would never think to get it on.

Overall I’d say these books are so worth the cash it’s ridiculous. Even at 99 cents for each novella the extra tidbits are just so amazing! I highly recommend these to anybody who enjoyed If I Were You!




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