Trashy Tuesday: How Beauty Met The Best by Jax Garren

As a fan of reading retellings of classic story tales I have to say this was an easy book for me to pick up. I was excited to see how it’d be refashioned to a more modern day with a twist. So at $1.99 I was quick to snatch this book up.

The plot follows Jolie a rich girl who has fled her family to Austin, TX and started being a burlesque dancer while she studies for her doctorate.  She’s rebelling from her strict family life when she meets Hauk a disfigured viking of a man. He saves her life and they go on a pretty incredible rescue mission.

The things I liked? This book was short but in the best of ways. The pace never really slowed down once the story got moving.  The world that Garren created was just amazing. I want to know more about the Underlight and this world that Garren has created.

Dislikes? Honestly I can’t really name any besides the length. I love a quick read, but this was almost too quick. I know it’s a novella but sometimes I feel like a book could be longer and instead of a novella be a full book. I’m thinking that maybe reading book 2 though will reveal to me that the dividing into two books shorter book was a good thing.

Overall 4/5 stars well worth the cash at 1.99 for a quick fun read.



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