Wonderful Wednesday: Korean Dramas

Everybody has a guilty pleasure right? I mean we all have some TV show or books we read that we may sometimes find embarrassing to share?

Well I’m not embarrassed over my love for things like Sailor Moon and Korean Dramas, but often find people don’t really understand why I watch them. Instead of telling you why I want to suggest some amazing K-dramas that are available to you on hulu and/or netflix that I absolutely adore. I some may find my love for K-dramas odd considering I actually avoid most US soap opera type shows, but I never found them to have as much humor in them as I find in K-dramas.

Boys Over Flowers

This is actually one of the reasons I got into watching dramas more. It’s a pretty basic plot with a hard working girl attending a prestigious high school who doesn’t really like her privileged classmates. She’s outcasted and often finds herself in trouble with the school’s popular boy club F4. They pretty much run the school and this leads to a lot of interesting situations. Overall Boys Over Flowers is really cute but good drama. It’s a good start to the genre as well.

My Lovely Sam Soon

I seriously can’t recommend this drama enough. Holy crap is it awesome! It’s about a ‘chubby’ pastry chef who finds herself in debt suddenly and working for a very arrogant Jin-Heon. Along with being his pretend girlfriend to get his overbearing mother off his back. The hilarity that ensues is pretty amazing.

Princess Hours (Goong)

This is one of those mangas I remember reading the scans of a long time ago. Along with watching the K-drama when I first discovered it. I was addicted to this series and I still love it way too much probably. The plot is an alternate reality of Korea where they still have a royal family. Chae-Kyung is a girl who goes to the same school as the crown prince and ultimately finds out she is supposed to marry him. A good bit of weirdness ensues (notice the trend for K-dramas?) and the ultimate result is a wonderful thing. It’s intriguing and addictive to watch.

Now I’m off to watch some more K-dramas and am seriously contemplating watching these favorites of mine again. Leave a comment telling me your favorite K-dramas so I have some more awesome ones to watch too!

If you are interested in getting into K-dramas or any dramas I highly recommend Crunchyroll and here are two codes for 48 hour passes to use it on your console or roku! 9QUCBG9LXGZ and QXATUZG6AJS



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