Trashy Thursday: Naked In Death by JD Robb

February’s Vaginal Fantasy pick was the first two books in the J.D. Robb series In Death. Also the author is the penname used by Nora Roberts.

Robb brings us a world of the sci-fi future of 2058 with flying cars and a lot of other tropes for the future you would read in a book from the 90s. This though isn’t a fault for the book just a warning for those who can’t stand tropes like that. I think the biggest thing I had to remind myself was this book was written in the 90s so of course certain things will seem a bit odd.

The story follows Eve Dallas a Lieutenant  in the police force in NYC. She gets put on a pretty high profile case that leads her to meeting the man who owns 28% of the world Roarke. The case is a tough one and horrific involving the murders of seemingly random prostitutes. Oh yeah prostitution is legal in the future apparently. Anyways we follow Eve on her journey of finding out who did it and get lots of time with the amazing Roarke.

The best parts of this book were when Roarke was involved. Something about his character just made the entire book more enjoyable. This was a great mystery romance novel. Really intriguing and fast paced. I had my suspicions to who did it before Eve, but the payoff of finding out who was murdering these girls was intense and amazing.

The bad was mostly the tropes. Sometimes they felt really overplayed, but I just had to remind myself that this is an older book. The crime scene descriptions sometimes kept me awake over how graphic they were. This was a bad for me because I tend to read a lot before bed, but I found myself trying to avoid this book before bed.

Overall 4/5 stars for this book! If you are looking for a quick, but fun read then this is well worth the cash. I highly recommend picking it up.



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