Trashy Tuesday: Highlander Most Wanted by Maya Banks

After reading the first book in this series I was extremely excited to find out that book 2 wasn’t too far off. This series so far has been amazing. Highlander Most Wanted kicks off right after the end well technically before the end of Never Seduce A Scot.

The set up for who our lass is in this book is nearly perfect. It’s quickly shown that was indeed present during the first and I like how that intertwines the stories. The narrative follows Genevieve who has been kidnapped and forced to stay in McHugh keep against her will. Until the Armstrong and Montgomery clans come to the rescue. There are quite a few twists and turns throughout the whole thing, but tons of things to like about this book.

The one thing that really struck me in this book was how awesome I felt Genevieve was! After the hell she’d lived in she still had spirit and spunk. Also she was really good with a bow which I find amazing since I love archery. Our hero Bowen is pretty striking. He comes off as a somewhat gentle giant to me and I really enjoyed that about him.

The entire narrative is pretty action packed as well. I really felt like the book never hit a dry spot. It was a fun read and interesting. Also it was great to see the set up for the third book!

This book is worth the cash and I give it 4/5 stars and highly recommend if you enjoyed the first or love highland romance.



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