Trashy Book Reviews: Ghost Planet by Sharon Fisher – April 2013 Vaginal Fantasy

A planet that creates ghosts of people that the human used to know on earth. Our heroine Elizabeth Cole ends up dead, but doesn’t realize it nor does her supposed to be mentor Dr. Murphy. She ends up on Ardagh 1 one for her residency to help with the ghost protocol counseling. The ghost protocol requires the colonists ignore their ghosts which becomes a stick situation for Cole and Murphy that leads us through quite the adventure and revelations.

I only really read science fiction when it’s Vaginal Fantasy picks, but this book honestly has me sold me on the fact that I need to read more of it. I was instantly invested when we learned Elizabeth was actually a ghost. Murphy immediately stops talking to Elizabeth when he discovers she’s a ghost and she doesn’t tolerate that one bit. The narrative is immersive and I could barely put this book down.

One of the best things about this book is the narrative never stops or slows down. Elizabeth is a great mary sue of a character that I find to be relatable because she’s more science minded and not a total ditz. She’s determined to find out why the ghosts exist instead of fading into the background like the others. I found myself trying to solve the mystery of the planet right along with Elizabeth.

I only have one complaint and it involves the end of the book. I don’t like the ‘surprise’ that is sprung on Elizabeth at the end or the twist with her and Murphy’s connection. I felt like the connection twist was really terrible because it seemed like the go-to fix for any problems in the end of the story. A catchall to save them from any trouble, but still I loved this book.

Overall this book is incredible 5/5 stars even with my one dislike. I HIGHLY recommend you pick it up if you want an interesting science fiction story with some great romance added in.



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