Trashy Reviews: Comic Trades Round Up Part 1!

In an attempt to get myself not so behind in books and comics I am going to post round up reviews of the various things I’ve read in the past month or two until I’m caught up. Unless of course I deem somethign worthy of a full length review than I’ll post that.

I’ve been reading on trade or manga a day to get caught up though. I have a massive pile of trades to read and comics so this is helping me slowly get caught up.


Swamp thing is often seen as a subpar title, but I have found that there is a hidden gem in vol 1 of the new 52. I seriously am hooked and can’t believe I wasn’t reading this series at the beginning of the relaunch. I never thought I could feel anything for Swamp Thing but I found myself hooked pretty early on in this trade. I had an emotional involvement in the character and his choices along with what was happening to his world. 5/5 stars Highly recommend you pick it up and try reading it! It’s definitely nothing like what I expected.

Teen Titans: Year One is beautifully drawn and a fun quick read. I wouldn’t go in expecting anything spectacular. If anything it’s kind of a fun fluffy book dealing with the origins of Teen Titans. I enjoyed this book but luckily I wasn’t expecting a lot. I found that when I finished the book I felt it was too short, but still didn’t really dislike it. 3/5 stars and a fun read if you like Teen Titans.

Hawkeye Vol 1 I can’t really say enough good stuff about this trade! I seriously am super happy with myself for already owning the first printing issue 1 for this comic. It is amazing. The dialogue is clever and we see how Hawkeye isn’t really a ‘hero’ but someone struggling with having been in the Avengers and now living a ‘normal’ life. Though of course nothing is really normal and we meet the amazing Kate Bishop in this trade. It all pretty much rounds up to be an incredible trade and I can’t wait to read more Hawkeye! 5/5 Stars!



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