Trashy Review: Shadow’s Claim by Kresley Cole May Vaginal Fantasy

I will preface this review with the fact I’ve never read a Kresley Cole book before this is quite literally my first even with how much I’ve heard about her novels. I didn’t feel disappointed in one bit having nothing else to base my opinion on her writing off.

Shadow’s Claim was a good introduction to Cole’s writing style and I really enjoyed this book. The plot is basic boy tries to win girl over in epic battle. Straight forward simple which isn’t a bad thing, the ‘bad’ comes in with our female lead Bettinna who seriously gets a whole chunk of dislikes put with her a little farther down. Cole’s writing does a wonderful job of pulling you into the narrative and making you see the world.

Anyways what did I like? Tehran our hero was deliciously sexy. Seriously he was all the things you’d want out of a vampire. Also a total bad ass assassin which is one of my favorite things. Who doesn’t want to be an assassin? I mean he could train you! Okay so I’m projecting what I’d want to learn from an assassin but still. The one thing that redeemed Bettina for me was her hobby she made discrete  weapons in her workshop that sounded awesome. On another good note the ending was a ‘twist’ of how they end up together and I did enjoy that part. My favorite character in the book besides Tehran was Salem though he has some great dialogue and is pretty interesting.

The bad well let’s just talk about an annoying heroine who makes you want to slap some sense into. That would be Bettina. She’s pining over her friend Cas for most the book while Tehran has blooded with her. Doesn’t see a problem with this nor care that Cas is basically a man whore who has no interest in her. Perhaps beside saving her from a terrible arranged marriage. Ugh Cas to me was basically another unredeemable character. I honestly usually don’t dislike so many characters in a book but the more I think about Bettina the more frustrated I get.

Overall Shadow’s Claim was a great starting point in Cole’s books and has me excited to read more of her novels. Shadow’s claim gets 4/5 from me for being a fun read.






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