Trashy Thursday: Poison Princess by Kresley Cole

This week is Kresley Cole week. Obviously this is the second book I’ve read by Kresley Cole ever. I’m hooked and can’t wait to read her other series, but Poison Princess is a great entry into the post apocalyptic young adult books. Though I will say that you have to go in not expecting it to be 100% post apocalyptic.

We follow Evie’s journey before the apocalypse and after the flash occurs. As far as a plot device goes the flash was a great way to have the world be destroyed and felt new and interesting to me all the water on the planet disappears and so do crops. The world falls apart very quickly, but there are a few the Arcana who are supposed to battle it out in this apocalypse. Though the apocalypse stuff doesn’t really start until maybe 30% into the book.

The things I liked about this book is numerous. I loved the storyline I was hooked as soon as the flash happened. Evie felt like a real 16 year old girl not some weird contrived version of a 16 year old. The romance is at the perfect spot for a YA book as well. The cajun speak felt pretty authentic and not jammed in there as well. I personally kept imagining Jack as a kind of Gambit and also written as an authentic teenage boy. I felt like I was right along with Evie figuring out what was going on with the Arcana and more. The ending of the book is a great pay off as well but of course I can’t wait for book two.

I only really disliked a few things about this book. I was put off at first by how much of it wasn’t in the world after the flash. I kept wishing that part of the plot would be over, but felt less that way once I saw how it tied into the later plot.

Overall I give Poison Princess 4/5 stars and highly recommend if you like apocalyptic future stories. The story in this one is a lot more refreshing and different than other ones I’ve read. Well worth the cash to pick up this one.



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