Trashy Tuesday: Cinder by Marissa Meyer

I finished this book a while ago and have been mulling over the review in my head for a while. What we have is a giant checklist of things I dig:

Science Fiction
Interesting World
Fairy Tale 

All that and more is present but this book still lacks a lot of things.

The beginning of the book throws you right into the story. We are in New Beijing where disease is ravaging the population and they are trying to find a cure.  By chance our lovely Cinder ends up helping Prince Kai and this leads to many interesting adventures. Including her of course betrayal by a crazy Stepmother and more.

I loved that this was a science fiction twisted retelling of Cinderella and that Meyer’s wasn’t afraid to step away from the usual elements present in a cinderella story. I really dug that Cinder was a cyborg and mechanic. I don’t read many books where the woman is doing a stereotypically masculine job and I can really get behind the idea of her not being a maid or servant because that’s boring. I also found that the whole Lunar part of the plot was incredibly interesting, but I don’t want to give too much away about it.

My dislikes go more into the fact that I found myself frustrated with Cinder and the plot. This is a given of course we know how the story of Cinderella works but at least the story wasn’t 100% the same as classic fairy tale because Cinder’s a cyborg. Even with that caveat I found myself wanting to yell at Cinder. She does some stupid stuff that really endangers herself, but at the same time those actions move the plot forward so I have a hard time hating on it completely.

I found myself really involved in this book as I read it. Faults and all I honestly couldn’t put it down so overall 4/5 stars. I’m excited to check out book two which will hopefully present an even better story.



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