Trashy Tuesday: Assassin’s In Love by Kris DeLake

I find that a most sci-fi space themed romance novels aren’t in worlds that are well built or interesting. Assassin’s in Love was the exception for the rule of just avoid most sci-fi romance.

The story revolves around Rikki and Misha both assassin’s one with a guild one not. For a chunk of the book Misha is tracking Rikki down because he was getting framed for her kills. Then things take a crazy twist and we go on a pretty wild adventure that involves some revelations about the characters and  their pasts.

I’m going to say that I really enjoyed the characters in this book. I felt like Rikki was pretty reasonable compared to other romance heroines. She was pretty badass which is what you’d want from an assassin. I loved how interesting DeLake made the world seem engaging and real. I even found myself enjoying the male lead way more than I thought I would. They both used what would seem like proper protocol with future weapons and were deadly but not to a fault. They both even had some flaws.

I have a few things I disliked though because the book starts to feel a little long and pretty dry in a few spots. I kept wishing the plot would move forward a bit more instead of going at a snails pace after the halfway point. Another thing was they jumped into the sexytimes which was great but then it disappeared quickly for a while which sucked.

Overall I think this book is well worth the read if you love romance novels and sci-fi! 4 out of 5 stars it is well worth the cash.




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