Trashy Thursday: Born of Night by Sherrilyn Kenyon

As someone familiar with Kenyon’s other series The Dark Hunters I was not surprised by how much I loved this book. Kenyon managed to create an intriguing space drama and my god did it make me fall in love.

The story revolves around a princess Kiera and an Assassin Nykyrian hired to protect her life. The novel opens with a heroic rescue from the worlds most feared outlaw Nemesis and then revolves around a group called the Sentella helping keep her safe from the bounty put out on her. Her father’s planet is at war and his enemies have placed a giant bounty on Kiera’s death. All that can ensure her protection is Nykyrian and his team.

I loved the world built in this book. After one book I’ve become very invested in the Ichidian universe if not just more invested in the characters introduced in this series. This is nothing new I’m already a fan of Kenyon’s writing so I wasn’t surprised to find myself loving the characters. I was surprised at how adept she was at writing a space drama since that seemed more out of her normal writing realm, but it didn’t lack any.

I disliked a few moments in the book were I was wanting to yell at the characters for being so dense! I mean hellooo obviously he likes you but maybe as a reader I sometimes forget that generally speaking humans are pretty oblivious to others liking them. Other than that I never felt like the book had much else wrong.

This book is a total guilty pleasure for me like most Kenyon novels. I can’t express the amount of joy I had reading it and staying up late finishing it. Overall I give this book 5 out of 5 and it’s so worth the cash. I can not wait to continue reading this series.



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