Trashy Tuesday: Under Wraps by Hannah Jayne

I discovered this series when I got the fifth book for the series to review. Not realizing how far into the series that was I quickly picked up the first book and found myself pretty thrilled with it. I would note though the cover is beyond deceiving which is a bit frustrating.


The plot revolves around a ‘breather’ Sophie who is working in the Underworld Detection Agency (UDA). Her boss is a werewolf, her best friend a vampire and she gets picked to help investigate a case of mysterious deaths around San Francisco with a Parker Hayes. Together they will figure out exactly what is going on and even more.


I enjoyed the twists in this story a lot. I was nearly positive I knew where it was heading and then it took a complete turn and I was extremely surprised with who was the murderer.  I also was shocked to find out the truth about a couple of the characters. Overall the Jayne did a wonderful job taking the read on a ride.


I really disliked the cover and felt it didn’t send across the fact that this series isn’t some urban fantasy badass women kicking butts and taking names.  Some of the things involving guns had me cringing as I read because of my experience with them. It was extremely unsafe and just made me really uncomfortable. I also felt like the end dragged on a bit too much. I was sort of expecting it to end and then had another chapter or so to read.

Besides the few things that made me not love the book I still would give it a 3.5 out of 5 stars and kind of worth the cash if you are looking for a bit of a different urban fantasy adventure. I at least plan on picking up the next book in the series to give it a shot.



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