Trashy Thursday: On The Scent by Angela Campbell

Looking for something fun and silly in the romance genre? I would say On The Scent fits that bill perfectly.  It’s a fun filled adventure with mystery and suspense to keep you on your seat.

On the Scent follows Hannah Dawson who quickly becomes extremely wealthy and the caretaker for two animals (Abbott and Costello) when the elderly woman she is a stay in nurse for passes away. Soon after the passing she has people following her around and trying to kidnap the animals for reasons she doesn’t know. Enter Zachary Collins a man who is there to help her stay safe and make sure Abbott and Costello don’t get stolen. A lot happens in between their falling in love and many adventures.

I really enjoyed On The Scent. I don’t read a lot of traditional romance novels usually they fall more in the New Adult category if they aren’t paranormal or fantasy. I found that this was a refreshing book and the pets added a fun twist. Most of the plot was original and different than what I expected. Dawson was a stronger female character than I expected in a traditional romance.

I don’t have an dislikes for the book besides some of the referencing to events and not outing what exactly happened until a good bit later in the book. I also felt that at times the book jumped around with too many side stories. I didn’t really connect to the characters in this book either. I found myself not finding Collins that attractive nor Hannah very interesting.

In the end it all came together really nicely. The different side stories all wove into a perfect happy ending. Overall 3.5/5 stars. I would say it is only worth the cash at a lower price point, but expect a fun read!



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