Trashy Thursday: Endless by Amanda Gray

Looking for something with a new premise and ideas? Endless by Amanda Gray is a perfect marriage of young adult romance with lots of adventure and intrigue thrown in.

The story centers around a young artist Jenny who has weird dreams and visions when she touches people. Soon something new invades all her paintings and the visions become more revealing. Time travel and a group who wants to control anybody who travels through time create a very interesting and intense situation for Jenny and her friends.

I really enjoyed how this book was paced. I never went “come on lets move it!” everything was interesting and Gray pulls you right into the world. I found myself getting angry with Jenny in certain situations and not sure what would happen at various moments. I really liked the character growth and development throughout the book as well. Not only do we see Jenny grow but many of her friends do as well.

I honestly have no real dislikes. I do hope there is another book because the ending was a bit of a cliffhanger to me.

Overall I recommend picking this up if you want a bit different of a Young Adult novel with some great concepts. I’d give it 4/5 stars mostly knocking some off for that ending. I do highly recommend picking this book up though if you find the premise interesting.



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