Trashy Tuesday: Accidentally In Love With… A God? by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

Just by reading the title I think you can tell that a fun book is headed your way if you pick this up. I know I was expecting at the least a silly read. Pamfiloff delivered in that respect.

The story centers around Emma who has a weird voice in her head. At the beginning of our story she isn’t really sure about why she’s always heard him in her mind or been able to talk to him, but soon we find out that Guy Santiago is trapped in Mexico. It becomes up to Emma to rescue him. Then they both have to go on a pretty crazy adventure to save the others trapped.

I liked quite a few things about this book. The dialogue was witty and kept the book moving at a fast pace. The plot was very interesting and at the very least amusing. The characters all felt realistic. Even the set up for why gods existed and how their system worked made sense.  I felt like Pamfiloff really knows how to build an interesting world and am interested in reading her other books that involve the gods from this series.

I really didn’t like the last quarter of the book or so. I felt like Emma was flip flopping too much and Guy changed. It was all fueled as a way to make Emma stronger but I still kept thinking it didn’t feel quite right to me.  The ending of the book was weird as well. It was a bit of a cliff hanger since I don’t see a direct sequel to this book currently.  Perhaps that storyline is wrapped up more in the other accidentally yours books though?

Overall I’d say Accidentally In Love With… A God? is a 3/5 stars! Really fun quirky read. I do recommend picking it up if you are looking for something silly to read especially at 2.99 on kindle!




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