Trashy Thursday: Broken Beauty by Chloe Adams

I picked this up for review not sure what to expect. Some novella serials are great and some aren’t. I think that Broken Beauty delivers in a lot of ways even in New Adult with a 17 year old teenager.

Our plot follows a daughter of a politician who is too busy with his career and belief about how raped women can’t get pregnant (sound familiar?). His youngest daughter Mia gets raped at a party by someone whose family is influential and we follow her dealing with being rape and how to cope. It’s a heart breaking story and touching.

I think for many women it may be a trigger, but I really enjoyed seeing how Mia dealt with it all. Along with her very messed up family. It felt pretty realistic to me for how things would go for somebody in a situation like that. I enjoyed seeing Mia grow up in some ways and take a stand for herself as well during the first book.

The only thing that has me taking stars off is how its a novella. I really did just want to read the whole story as one big chunk not all broken up into multiple novellas. I was left going ‘really it’s over?’ when I finished up the first book.

Overall 4/5 stars and I highly recommend checking this out if you are interested in New Adult themed books!



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